Is IncTrak free?

The shared online version is free for companies with less than 15 participants.

Why IncTrak?

To create a simple software platform for people and companies to track and manage their stock and option equity plans.

How do I submit a request for a new feature?

We are always looking for feedback and improvements to make, just send us a email or use the online contact form.

Does the platform require me to register or login?

No, to create and view vesting schedules just go to the main dashboard. We plan on adding more free functionality in the future.

How do I get started for a company?

Simply register a new user on the shared platform with a new group name and start creating your data.


What are some of the planned features?

Tracking of exercised shares, Import and exports, API Access, Web Hooks, Audit Logging, Reporting, store option agreements online, integration(s) (Slack), login with Google, etc., two-factor authentication and many more.

What functionality is available for companies/administrators?

Create plans, create vesting schedules, create termination of option criteria, create participants in the plans, grant options to a participant and a dashboard to see overall status information.

What functionality is available to participants?

The company/administrator can grant access to a participant for them to be able to view summary and grant information as well as a historical dashboard.


What pricing model does IncTrak use?

IncTrak is a subscription model that is based on the number participants managed per month. We offer both shared and dedicated cloud based solutions.

How much does the paid IncTrak cost on the shared platform?

If you have over 15 participants the first 3 months are free and after that .50 cents per participant per month.

Can I use a non shared version for just my company?

Yes, please contact us for further information on setup. After that the cost is $1.00 per participant per month.

Can I install this on prem?

While not currently available it is planned, please contact us if interested.


How do I contact support?

What kind of support do you offer?

The online form and email is monitored throughout the day. Defects take first priority and can be fixed quickly.

Any other options?

A blog site is coming soon as another means for submitting requests.